• How It Started

    In December 2019, Balcom Canyon Cidery Co-Founders Blake and Liz rented space from a local winery and began fermenting 1,200 gallons of apple juice. Officially ready, the business was officially ready to launch in March 2020, just a few days before the world went into lockdown. 
    While the original plan was to sell kegs to local bars and restaurants, the global shutdown changed the strategy overnight. Instead, the business shifted to bottling cider and distributing it to local liquor and grocery stores throughout around Ventura County. Blake built a counter-pressure bottling line and got the licensing, then the two got to work bottling those 1,200 gallons of cider. Blake drove to nearly 1,000 retailers in the surrounding area amid a global pandemic, with many of them closed or not taking on new products. Despite the challenges, Blake managed to get Balcom Canyon Cider on the shelves of 150+ retailers in the first 12 months. When restaurants and bars began reopening, Blake got cider into 50+ bars.

  • How It's Going

    Timing and challenges could have dried up the cider tanks long ago, but with the Founders' persistence, skill, and dedication, Balcom Canyon Cider has grown to include a variety of unique, quality craft ciders. The company is experiencing tremendous growth, now several years into operation, and is supported by a passionate team of cider-enthusiasts.

  • Together, their passion for experimenting with various fermented drinks and foods has inspired the creativity and range of Balcom Canyon Cider, striving to make a drink everyone will love.

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  • Mission

    Our mission is to bridge the gap between beer and cider while pushing the boundaries of fermentation styles with different varietals and terroirs of fruit using high quality ingredients, pure cold-pressed fruit juice with no added sugars or artificial flavors.

  • Values

    We always use fresh ingredients, sourced ethically, sustainably, and organically.
    Honesty & Transparency
    We will always take pride in our craft and sharing the unique ingredients that go into everything we craft.
    We celebrate being different—with unique ciders, staff, and customers. We have the “melting-pot” mentality. We strive to ferment styles of cider that are untraditional, but we also want to celebrate the traditional as well! 
    We want to push the boundaries of fermentation styles and discover new fruit ferments, while preserving the classic ferments we all love and enjoy.

Our Cider Crew

  • Blake

    Founder/Master Brewer

  • Liz


  • Amy

    Director of
    Advertising & Marketing

  • Ashley

    Director of Design & Illustration

  • Christian

    Director of Sales & Events

  • Micah

    Assistant Brewer