• Balcom Canyon Cider grew from our founders’ shared passion of homebrewing and fermentation. 

    Blake and Liz started making sauerkraut, kombucha, hot sauce, and kimchi at their home in Portland, Oregon. It wasn’t until they had a bumper crop of blackberries in their backyard that they decided to try their hand at alcohol. They started off with a batch of blackberry bramble and from there were hooked. Inspired by all of the local cider made in the Pacific Northwest, they soon began experimenting with blackberry cider and the rest is history! Soon after this inaugural brew was made, many batches of cider were brewed, shared, and enjoyed amongst their family and friends. 

  • Together, their love of experimenting with various fermented foods has inspired the creativity and range of Balcom Canyon Cider. Producing a line of beverages that are inspired by craft beverages, we strive to make a drink from everyone. From sours to non-apple ferments, we hope to share our passion for fermentation with as many people as possible.

    We appreciate all of the support we have been shown by our community and hope you enjoy our ciders!

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Our Cider Crew

  • Blake

    Founder/Master Brewer

  • Liz


  • Amy

    Director of
    Advertising & Marketing

  • Ashley

    Director of Design & Illustration

  • Christian

    Director of Sales & Events

  • Mamma Moo

    Queen of Balcom Canyon