Our Ciders

Balcom Canyon Cidery offers a range of balanced craft-beer inspired ciders, sours, and fruit ferments. Many of our blends are dry-hopped, extracting the fruity and spiced aromas from the hops without too much bitterness. Our blends also have a touch of residual sweetness from the natural sugars of our sustainably sourced West Coast apples, perfectly complementing the crisp acidity of the fruit. It's a delicate dance on your palate that will leave you wanting more.

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What Sets Us Apart:

We Keep It Real.


  • "Wow, this cider is incredibly drinkable and the hibiscus notes make it stand out from the rest of the otherwise boring cider selection. Great job to Balcom Canyon for this innovative easy drinker!"

    H. KNAPP

  • "My god this hit the spot! Seriously though, I can't put my finger on it but this cider is just spot on."


  • "I could drink this all day... and I have! My drink of choice."


  • "Gooooood."


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