About Us

Balcom Canyon Cider was founded by Blake and Liz in 2020. 

Long time home-fermentors, having made everything from sauerkraut to kombucha to hot sauce and more, it wasn't until we moved to a property with overgrown blackberry vines that made us ask ourselves, "how can we make sure these hundreds of pounds of blackberries don't go to waste!?". Our answer: make a batch of blackberry bramble (what's a better solution than alcohol?). And thus, the beginning of our love of home brewing began!

Together, we combine Blake's craft cocktail experience and Liz's farming/nutrition background to create ciders that are bright and dry, with very little to no residual sugars. We also favor beer yeasts and experimenting with hops, creating a more beer-like cider. We never add sugar and try to source locally whenever possible.

We appreciate all of the support we have been shown by our community and hope you enjoy our ciders!