About Us

Balcom Canyon Cider was created by Blake and Liz after moving to Ventura County in 2018. Spoiled by our former home of Portland, Oregon, a city that boasts an impressive cider scene, we just couldn't find a cider that we liked in our local stores. So, we decided to put our skills and passion to use and launch our own cidery.

Long time home-fermentors, having made everything from sauerkraut to kombucha to hot sauce and more, it wasn't until we moved to a property with overgrown blackberry vines that made us ask ourselves, "how can we make sure these hundreds of pounds of blackberries don't go to waste!?". Our answer: make a batch of blackberry bramble (what's a better solution than alcohol?). And thus, the beginning of our love of home brewing began!

Together, we combine Blake's craft cocktail experience and Liz's farming/nutrition background to create ciders that are bright and dry, with very little to no residual sugars. We also favor beer yeasts and experimenting with hops, creating a more beer-like cider. We never add sugar and try to source locally whenever possible.

Blake Kininmonth 
Founder / Cider-Maker

Blake was born and raised in Lodi, California (the zinfandel capital!). After completing a Finance degree at SF State, he left behind his desk job to pursue a career in craft cocktails (which combined his abilities of making the best damn drink and being a genuinely friendly person!). He draws on his 10+ year bartending career to brew our ciders that are smooth and balanced. When he's not brewing, distributing, or building something around the cidery, he enjoys playing with his and Liz's three dogs, tinkering around the house, and traveling in his school bus that he and Liz converted to a skoolie.

Liz Niles
Founder / Operations and Compliance

Liz was born and raised in Ventura County. She received her BS in Environmental Studies from UC Berkeley and has a Master's degree in Nutrition. Her wide range of experience with policy and business operations come in handy, as she handles the bookkeeping, compliance, marketing, and much more (basically anything on the computer)! When she's not working on a Balcom Canyon project, she's busy serving on the Board of Directors for a large agricultural non-profit, cooking up a plant-based meal, or running (she's even been known to drag Blake into running marathons)!